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"Satisfied public service, the best Divisional Secretariat"

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"Developing the population in accordance with the state policies, efficiently and effectively utilizing the physical and human resources of the area"

History of Dehiattakandiya Divisional Secretary Division

Divisional Secretariat -Dehiaththakandiya

The Dehiaththakandiya Divisional Secretariat Division of the Mahaweli 'C' Zone, which started 38 years ago has been located 228 km away from Colombo in the eastern province of Sri Lanka. It is the boundary of the North and West by the Ampara District as well as the Eastern Province. The Dehiattakandiya Divisional Secretariat area is about 374.08 square kilometers in extent. It is located in the North by the Dimbulagala Divisional Secretary's Division in the Polonnaruwa District, in the East by the Padiyatalawa Divisional Secretariat Division and the Maduru Oya National Park, in the South by the Mahiyangana Divisional Secretariat in the South, the Mahaweli River in the West and the Wasgamuwa National Park in the Matale District. There are 46 villages in the Dehiattakandiya Divisional Secretariat.

kudasigiriya-(Kudagala -Dehiattakandiya)

 The temple  Namalgama, the Bisokotuwa archeological site in Muwapatikwela and the North Panchakada tradition of the North Western Hananigala bear testimony It was mentioned in the Mahavamsa that King Dutugemunu was organized by the army at the turn of the 2nd century BC. It has been established that the ancient settlements were centered in the center of Henanigala. Mr.LP Britt's reports say. But accurate records of these settlements have not been properly documented and many antiquities destroyed by antiquities have been destroyed by pillagers. BC. Contemporary paintings dating to the 5th century can be found in the caves in Kuda Sigiriya temple. Senarath Paranavithana has come across these paintings in the 1960s, and is similar to the paintings of Ajantha and Sigiriya frescoes.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. Duminda Jayaratne. 1986 1987
Mr. H.L.S. Wijesinghe 1987.03.02 1996.07.30
Mr. Tissa Karunaratne. 1996.08.03 2002.03.14
Mrs.T.V.D.D.S.Karunarathna 2002.03.14 2006.10.31
Mr. W.G.M.Hemantha Kumara 2006.11.30 2013..11.29
2013.11.28 2016.02.26
Mrs. M.P.W.Shiromani 2016.02.26 Up to now

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